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Disconnect/ Safety Switch

HVAC Power Disconnect/ Safety Switch: Replacing damaged, corroded or malfunctioning electrical safety switches.

Disconnect/ Safety Switch

Every piece of HVAC equipment (i.e., package units and split systems) have a have an electrical safety switch that is required to operate and safely energize/de-energize the equipment for servicing and/or repair. We operate these switches on a normal basis during servicing, Preventative Maintenance and/or during a Due-Diligence Survey.

Not replacing these switches when they are found damaged, corroded or malfunctioning in general is extremely unsafe.

Step 1: Perform required lockout/tag out safety protocol as per NFPA70E of all high-voltage electrical circuits prior to beginning work on the existing unit.

Step 2: Remove and dispose of existing electrical disconnect.

Step 3: Furnish and install (1) New Eaton brand 60 amp, 3-pole type NEMA 3R electrical disconnect.

Step 4: Torque and tighten all electrical connections to manufacturer specifications.

Step 5: Verify voltage and rotation.

Step 6: Start up and test for proper operation.

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