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Intuitive, Customized, Support for Property Managers


We help you manage better. 

We've spent decades tailoring our Mechanical HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Maintenance services in order to streamline and prevent typical management headaches.

We speak your language.

We know what your tenants, asset managers, REITs and budgets are demanding of you.  Understanding the leasing and renewal process, identifying tenant/management responsibilities, getting tenants moved in/out on time and assisting in a manner that is helpful to you as the manager, is our primary goal and second nature to our team.

We've got you covered with 24/7/365 service call resolution.

We service many small-midsize and even the nation's top commercial real estate, facility management and leasing firms.


Night-time Lighting Survey & Repair Program

We map, memorize, program recurring visits, provide digital reports and repair your lighting systems.  Lighting is a security risk and liability.  Let us help keep your lighting 100% operational and deliver a document trail that stands up to scrutiny.  

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HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program

We track your HVAC equipment and keep it serviced and maintained, typically on a quarterly basis.  After every single visit we automatically send you a quote for our recommendations. 

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Lift Station & Storm Drain Maintenance Program

Recurring preventative maintenance visits for your lift stations or storm drain systems.  Keeping them on-line and running properly prevents emergency back-up situations and costly after-thought repairs.

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LED Retrofits On-the-Fly

Retrofitting an entire building or portfolio with LEDs all at once can be a real budget breaker.  Instead of changing fixtures all at once, we can simply retrofit them in real-time as individual old fixtures "fail."  Flexible, AND budget friendly.

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Annual Backflow Inspections

Annual inspection and testing of backflow prevention devices to ensure that pollutants aren't entering potable water sources.  Includes full inspection, reporting, quoting, and filing of proper paperwork with local utility districts.  

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We perform.

With 30-90 minute typical emergency response times, we're on the move.  We follow up quickly with detailed documentation and invoicing, creating a full accountability trail for every single visit at your locations.  

We memorize your properties. 


By doing so, we're able to service the location quicker and more efficiently each and every time.  We strive to know your properties as well as you do and to be your eyes and ears while on location.

The benefits are a real game changer.


Increased productivity for both teams.  Production moves faster. No waiting for normal business hours to get your data.  Your entire team can have access while you're away.  All data files centralized.  Less confusion, emailing, and phone calls.  All of your documents, at a glance.  Access anywhere, anytime.

We predict failures.


With a routine infrared and electrical code inspection survey, we can document your hot spots and identify areas of concern.  This enables us to fix the little issues before they become your big problems. 


We love the small stuff.


Even though we are large-project-ready, we don't just chase "big" jobs.  We know the small troublesome service calls are just as important to you as the big jobs, and we resolve them all, regardless of size and always urgently. 

We deliver the reliable digital documents you need. 


All status updates and due diligence surveys, are delivered electronically, in real-time upon completion with image links and automatic follow-up quote generation as needed. 


All of your data is available 24/7/365. 


We share your property's asset files, surveys, and data with you instantly and perpetually in a magical cyber cloud.

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Let's Get Some Work Done.

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