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Ductless Mini Split Installation

Standard Installation for Ductless Mini Split System.

Ductless Mini Split Installation

This is a standard Ductless Mini Split System installation wherein, we install new equipment, connect to new power wiring, and turn on and test. This scope does not include new wiring, which should be itemized separately for quoting purposes as that scope changes depending on installation location and the overall uniqueness of every installation.

Step 1: Provide turn-key installation for ductless mini split system at designated client area.

Step 2: Furnish and install (1) new outdoor mini split condensing unit with pad as/if required.

Step 3: Furnish and install (1) new indoor mini split fan coil unit at designated wall area.

Step 4: Furnish and install (1) new copper line set, controls and interconnecting power extension between outside condensing unit and indoor fan coil unit location.

Step 5: Provide system control via standard product remote/and or available thermostat device.

Step 6: Attach condensate drain tubing/system to nearest available plumbing drain location for proper condensate disposal.

Step 7: Measure, weight and charge refrigerant line set with proper amounts of refrigerant as per manufacturer’s specifications as listed by the nomenclature on the unit’s data tag.

Step 8; Provide off-site disposal of job site refuse/debris.

Step 8: If required provide crane or material lift for equipment placement at overhead locations.

Step 9: Confirm voltage prior to testing.

Step 10: Perform basic start-up and testing to ensure proper operation prior to departure and adjust refrigerant charge according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Depending on outside ambient air temperature at the time of system install, this may require a return trip in the future to further balance the charge to ideal specifications as listed by the nomenclature on the unit’s data tag.

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