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Evaporator Coil Replacement | STANDARD

Standard replacement of evaporator coil as per industry standards.

Evaporator Coil Replacement | STANDARD

This is a standard evaporator coil replacement, wherein we remove and replace the existing evaporator coil to insure proper unit repair. Often, we find leaks in coils and they are situated in areas that are simply not repairable. Even when they are repairable, that repair is at no-warranty and considered a temporary fix. When evaporator coil replacements are needed it is often considered vs. entire unit replacement due to the sheer expense.

Step 1: 2. Perform required lockout/tag out safety protocol of NFPA70E of all high voltage electrical circuits prior to beginning work on the unit.

Step 2: Recover remaining refrigerant from the coil circuit and dispose of properly as per EPA standards.

Step 3: Disassemble unit in order to access and remove existing coil for disposal and/or warranty return if applicable.

Step 4: Furnish and install new evaporator coil and up to (2) liquid line dryers as required.

Step 5: Pressure test all newly soldered connections with dry nitrogen to 250 psi to ensure all welds are leak-free.

Step 6: Evacuate both refrigerant circuits to 500 microns as per industry standards.

Step 7: Recharge system with refrigerant (Freon) to manufacturer’s specifications.

Step 5: Basic start-up and testing of newly installed coil to ensure that it is performing with in manufacturers specifications as per the unit’s nomenclature.

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