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Leak Search

Leak-Searching HVAC Equipment: Searching for loss of refrigerant within the cooling stages of AC systems.

Leak Search

When a piece of HVAC equipment has lost its refrigerant or shows signs of unusually low refrigerant levels and pressures, we recommend a leak search. We often suspect leaks when our test gauges do not indicate proper pressures, we see oil residue within the unit, or physically witness escaping refrigerant.

Not finding a potential leak is cause for complete AC system failure and substantial repair costs not to mention comfort issues.

Step 1: Perform electronic leak search to identify the leaking component and either repair or quote replacement.

Step 2: Determine if the leak is in a location that is repairable.

If the leak is determined repairable, remove and replace liquid line drier, repair the leaking spot, top-off the system with appropriate refrigerant charge as per the manufacturers specifications as listed on this units’ nameplate.

If the leak is determined non-repairable, gather information needed and prepare a quote for either replacement of the part (often the coil) and/or replacement of the unit entirely.

Due to the nature of Leak Searching, often we’re only able to provide a budget for the “search” and include labor and materials to attempt common repairable patches and soldering. It should be noted that due to the nature of repairing leaks, they are technically a temporary solution and while they may last many years, they are not covered under any warranty.

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