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Enhanced Rooftop Package Unit Replacement. Replacing rooftop HVAC equipment with new modern equivalent per industry standards and upgraded accessories package.


This is an enhanced “like-for-like” rooftop package unit (RTU) swap wherein, we remove old equipment, replace with the modern equivalent and connect to existing power wiring, install new drain systems as needed, hail guards, programmable-digital thermostat, verification or installation of plenum rated low-voltage wiring, new disconnect and turn on and test. There are no enhancements to the duct work, new power wiring installations or configurations to existing plumbing systems.

Step 1: Perform required lockout/tag out safety protocol as per NFPA70E of all high-voltage electrical circuits prior to beginning work on the existing unit.

Step 2: Remove and dispose of existing rooftop package unit in compliance with EPA regulations.

Step 3: Furnish and install new down-flow or side discharge package unit within existing unit footprint with matching specifications.

Step 4: Furnish and install provisions for electric heat kit or gas pack connections as required.

Step 5: Furnish and install new custom sheet metal curb as/if required to accommodate new unit on existing opening.

Step 6: Connect existing electrical power wiring and low voltage thermostat wiring to new unit.

Step 7: Connect existing drain line and route to nearest approved condensate disposal location. Unless specifically noted in the quote, this does not include connecting to internal plumbing systems inside the building.

Step 8: Provide crane, rigging and pro-lift equipment in order to facilitate removal and replacement of the rooftop package unit.

Step 9: Perform basic start-up and testing to ensure proper operation prior to departure.

Additional Enhancements (Included):

+ Hail guard for coil protection during extreme weather events.
+ Thermostat upgrade to Pro-series digital, programmable.
+ Removal and replacement of the existing power disconnect at the unit with new.
+ Installation or verification of plenum rated thermostat low-voltage cabling to the unit from the thermostat location.
+ Installation of new drain lines as needed to connect to nearest rain gutter, site drainage, or rooftop located drain trunk line.

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