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Top 6 Reasons to Consider the Switch to LED Lighting

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

In short, LED stands for "light-emitting diode".  Translation: it is a digital light, inexpensive to operate and lasts forever. 

Well, maybe not forever, but 40,000-100,000 hours of operation is forever in the world of lighting.  As a recovering skeptic, I'm amazed at the benefits and how it will change the world of lighting. Here are a few reasons to consider LED lighting for your next project or retrofit:

  1. LED light bulbs, fixtures, and components are more energy efficient.  Because LED lighting is digital, once installed and operational you will see an approximate 70-90% reduction in energy consumption for your lighting systems. Ultimately this reduces the amount of wiring needed to support your lighting system during installation as well as your monthly utility bill. 

  2. LED light bulbs and fixtures have a longer life span.  Right now you have your nifty little curlycue compact fluorescent screwed into your lamp or recess can, congratulations, welcome to 1998.  Chances are you're going to get about 8,000 hours out of that bulb.  Fast forward to now; with current LED technology in mass production, you can potentially see average life spans for your lighting of 40,000 to 100,000 operating hours.  On the low end, if my math is correct, you're looking at about 13-14 years, up to 34 years (give or take a year), if you're burning your bulb 8 hours a day. That's a lot of life.

  3. LED lighting reduces your electricity bills.  LED lights use far less power (watts) per unit of light (lumen) generated.  Some LEDs produce 100 or even up to 200 lumens per watt.  Compact fluorescent lamps use about twice the wattage and incandescent lamps around 10 times as much power with only 18-20 lumen per watts.  This equates to the 70-90% reduction in energy consumption I mentioned earlier.  In conclusion, LED lighting is almost 50 times more efficient in life span and 70-90% more energy-efficient than a conventional incandescent lamp. Can someone say free money?

  4. LED lighting is "Green".  Not green as in "Honey, why are all of our lights green?"  Green as in they aren't loaded with mercury and other toxic chemicals that require a hazardous waste response team to properly dispose of them if you drop one on the kitchen floor.  All LED components are 100% recyclable.  They're also green in that they save energy, which saves emissions down the street from you at the local power plant. 

  5. LED lighting is more flexible in design.  With LED lighting you can have various color variations and lighting effects that you simply cannot have with traditional lighting.  Honestly, it looks just like the lighting you're already used to staring at so aesthetically there are no issues with LED lighting to be concerned with.   

  6. LED lighting is cheaper to maintain.  LED lighting doesn't have expensive ballast or components traditionally found in fluorescent and HID Lighting, and since they last so much longer, you won't be on the hook for repairing them every 2-5 years as you are with traditional lighting.  Ultimately, you're going to save on some serious electrician service calls and parts in the long run, on top of the energy savings you get with LED.  A typical service call to repair a 400-watt metal halide wall pack exterior light, for example, may run you 1.5 hours labor for an electrician, plus parts, plus a bucket truck, etc.  The cost would range between $150-$250 and this will more than likely need to be repeated every 2-5 years.  LED lighting @ 34 years vs. traditional lighting with headaches far too often.   

What's the catch?  Your up-front costs on the LED light bulbs or entire fixtures are at least 1 to 2 times more expensive than traditional light bulbs, and depending on the application can be even higher.  It is important to note the payback on LED lighting is there and out of all the energy reducing cost-cutting measures available in the world today, a simple LED lighting retrofit is by far the least expensive means to save money quickly. 

Do you need a quality electrical contractor for your LED lighting needs?  Email me now and let's create a custom solution for your business or home.

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